Faculty Directory

Name Position Phone Number
Assistant to Head of School; Front Desk
Upper School Spanish
401.849.4646 x225
Grade Four
401.849.4646 x134
Coordinator of Student Life; Science, Grades Primary, Six, and Eight
401.849.4646 x204
School Nurse
401.849.4646 x104
Communications Manager, Summer Program Coordinator
Grade Two
401.849.4646 x124
Extended Day Coordinator
Director of Advancement
401.849.4646 x148
Head of Upper School; History, Grade 7
401.849.4646 x205
Head of External Affairs; Director of Admission & Financial Aid
401.849.4646 x147
Mathematics, Grades Six, Seven, and Eight
401.849.4646 x217
Music and Chorus Director
401.849.4646 x141
Grade Three
401.849.4646 X133
401.849.4646 X114
Sustainability Educator
401.849.4646 x153
English, Grades Seven and Eight
401.849.4646 x214
401.849.4646 x117
Head of School
401.849.4646 x201
Lower School Art
401.849.4646 x144
Head of Lower School; Supervisor of Extended Day; Preschool Teacher
401.849.4646 x119
401.849.4646 x209
Physical Education, Grades Preschool - Four; Assistant Teacher
Athletic Director; Physical Education Grades Five - Eight; Mathematics, Grades Seven and Eight
401.849.4646 x151
Resource Teacher
401.849.4646 x121
History, Grades Six and Eight
401.849.4646 x216
Property Manager
401.849.4646 x146
Art, Grades Six, Seven, and Eight
401.849.4646 x143
Business Manager
401.849.4646 x106
Assistant Teacher
401.849.4646 x117
Resource/Student Services; SSAT Coordinator
401.849.4646 x215
Science, Grades One - Five, Seven
401.849.4646 x126
Band Director, Grades Five-Eight
401.849.4646 x141
Grade Five
401.849.4646 x132
Spanish, Preschool - Grade Five
401.849.4646 x131
Accounts Payable; Community Relations
401.849.4646 x106
Grade One
401.849.4646 x123
Advancement Assistant
Director of Technology
401.849.4646 x207
English, Grades Six and Seven; History, Grade Six
401.849.4646 x122
Assistant Teacher, Pre-Kindergarten
401.849.4646 x114