A creative and active learning environment

Third Grade

Moonlight leads the way up the trail as the crisp night air whispers through the bare branches of the trees. No, it’s not the lead into one of our Third Grader’s new chapter books, but part of a wonderful science project studying the different species of owls in Rhode Island. Right here on our campus we’ve spotted a Great Horned Owl, and in a special night class students go in search of this amazing creature to observe its behavior and habitat. Other exciting science topics for the year include “natural resources, energy and transportation” and “people, pollution and recycling,” each with their own interesting projects, field trips and activities.

Math skills continue to build in Third Grade as multiplication becomes more advanced and math facts are mastered. You might hear a hearty chorus of one of the many verses in the Multiplication Rap if you happen to pass by the classroom during a math lesson. Interactive math websites also reinforce skills learned in class as students work through multiple math game levels and online quizzes in the Technology Lab.

We always encourage healthy living and eating at Pennfield, and the colorful cereal boxes displayed outside of the Third Grade classroom are not from breakfast, but from a creative book report project. New this year is reading and comprehending more complex chapter books and giving book reports on them, or in this case, creating and presenting them.

This is the last year of participating in the Lower School social studies performance presented to the entire school during the winter trimester. Working together with First and Second Graders, a topic, such as “Amazing Americans,” is thoroughly researched, a script is written and a fabulous performance choreographed. Each student has an individual speaking part with Third Graders taking on the more significant roles.

In this creative and active learning environment, growing Third Grade minds swiftly absorb new knowledge and skill sets. Pennfield’s small class sizes and dedicated faculty are able to make this unique learning experience enriching for every student as an individual.