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A special place

Welcome to The Pennfield School

If you found your way to this website chances are you are considering a school for your child. Not long ago I, too, found my way to Pennfield’s website as a candidate for the Head of School position. I was immediately drawn to the mission, the principles and values, and the school’s commitment to instilling joy, understanding, and respect in each student. Upon arriving on this beautiful 19-acre campus and being welcomed at the front door by a number of parents and faculty, my wife Donita and I felt immediately at home. In less than five minutes, the Pennfield community captured my heart. I have since learned that their welcome was not staged or planned. I am honored to be Pennfield’s Head of School.

Throughout my 30 plus years in education, I often return to this question: How do we best prepare today’s students to become tomorrow’s leaders? While achieving academic mastery remains a priority, schools must also design curriculum and programs that develop good human beings, who are critical thinkers, innovators, relationship builders, and global citizens who care about one another and the world we live in. I am convinced that educating the whole child is best achieved in the formative years between preschool and 8th grade. That is why I chose Pennfield. Pennfield is committed to programs that provide students with meaningful opportunities to learn and grow in a belonging community that inspires academic excellence, confidence, self-efficacy, and character building each and every day.

Our website offers you a glimpse into the day to day life of our students, but to really know us please take the next step and join us for an Open House or schedule a visit


Paul Amadio
Head of School

Prior to coming to The Pennfield School, Paul Amadio served as Head of two independent schools, most recently at Verde Valley School in Sedona, Arizona. After eight years in Arizona, he is excited to return to New England where his career in education began and where his family calls home. Paul received his BFA from Roger Williams University and MFA from Wayne State University.