There are many

Ways to Give

Giving to others is something that Pennfield parents, students and faculty do readily and often. It seems there is always a basket or box of some sort in the entrance hallway, typically overflowing, put there by a class or a club to collect canned food, winter coats, toys or other items for those in need. Not a month goes by without a fabulous Arts Festival, theater production or event that raises funds and awareness for a group or cause. Upper School students give their time and talent to Community Service projects that they develop themselves. These are only a handful of examples demonstrating the culture of altruism and philanthropy that we mindfully nurture at The Pennfield School.

But what about the school itself – who gives back to the institution that provides these important life lessons? Did you know that Pennfield’s operating budget is made up primarily of tuition fees, but must be supplemented by the generosity of friends, families, grandparents and alumni? Through our Pennfield Fund, many fundraisers and special donor specific gifts, we are able to provide our teachers and the School with additional supplies, funds and equipment that they need, to provide the very best learning experiences and opportunities for the students at Pennfield. It’s what makes Pennfield unique and outstanding and we count on this generosity to maintain our high academic, artistic and athletic standards.

When something or someone has a profound impact on your life, or the life of someone you love, it’s important to recognize and honor it. Did your Fourth Grade teacher at Pennfield inspire you to become a Botanist, because she made the life cycle of a plant come alive through unforgettable field trips and interesting experiments in class? Is your grandchild finally reaching his potential in academics and athletics, because he feels good about himself and comfortable in his new Pennfield School surroundings? Did someone you know have a deep love of learning and a belief that every child has a gift to share? If any of these scenarios ring true, perhaps a gift or memorial to The Pennfield School is a meaningful way to honor these special people who have made your life more meaningful and rich.

If you would like to make a gift of any sort to The Pennfield School, please contact Stephanie Earp, Director of Advancement, (401) 849-4646 or by email