Talents flourish


There is a beautiful song in the air at Pennfield during Morning Assembly as the entire school sings a song together each day. From Kindergarten through the Eighth Grade, students have one or two music classes each week. Add to that music that is integrated into school plays and productions, and music truly is in the air most of the time at Pennfield. If a child has a musical talent it will certainly grow and flourish at Pennfield.

In Fourth Grade, a foundation is prepared for reading music and music theory as each student learns to play the recorder and handbells. Notes become chords and chords become recognizable songs as students thrill in the rich full sound of the hand bells.

In Fifth Grade, students can choose to learn a specific instrument and play in the concert band with private lessons being offered after school, or they can choose to sing in the Chorus with private voice lessons offered after school. Throughout the year, both band and chorus prepare for three major school productions – the Holiday Concert, Grandparent’s Day and Commencement. There are also many smaller performances.

Music classes are often woven into traditional classroom studies when countries, regions or cultures are explored; so, too, are their native music and indigenous musical instruments. Many songs and compositions played and sung in productions parallel what is being learned in Social Studies or Language Arts.