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An atmosphere of acceptance


Sports at Pennfield are fun! Whether it is learning for the first time or mastering a sport, every student has the opportunity to play. We provide an atmosphere of acceptance that gives each child a chance to be a contributing part of a team.

In the Fourth Grade, students can choose to join the Upper School’s Cross Country team. When students reach Fifth Grade, they can choose to play against other schools in the region on either an A or B team. Pennfield competes in soccer and cross-country during the fall, basketball in the winter and lacrosse in the spring. The A teams are more competitive and are for students who have played a specific sport in the past or who show special talent. B teams are for students who wish to play less competitively or who wish to learn a new sport. Upper School students are encouraged to play at least one organized team sport after school annually. Many students choose to participate on a team all three seasons!

Our athletic programming is unique. No child is a bench warmer. We are not just out for the win, but for the competitive experience. The life lessons are positive and powerful.