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Getting to know the world

Fourth Grade

The rich colonial and maritime history of Rhode Island and Southern Massachusetts comes to life for students this year as they venture off on field trips to places like Newport, which boasts our nation’s largest concentration of intact Colonial Architecture. Students travel back in time and learn what it was like to be a colonial child. An interactive study of maps and the globe helps put into perspective the world and where these places fit in.

This year, language arts focuses on writing and its many styles – narrative, descriptive, expository, persuasive, letters and poetry. Students practice newly learned skills in their personal written journals and enjoy reading literature that exemplifies each style. In the spirit of integrated learning activities, Fourth and Fifth grade students join together in the winter to combine social studies and language arts studies. Together they research and create projects based on a relevant historic event or person and present them to the entire school.

Science lessons also get students out of the classroom for many experiments and explorations as they document ecosystems, their geological make-up and the organisms that call them home on our 19-acre campus, at nearby Sandy Point Beach and Aquidneck Land Trust trails and properties. Physical Science lessons and experiments take on exciting topics such as electricity, magnetism, forms of energy, chemical changes and physical matter.

This is an active year of getting to know the world, starting right here in our own historically and naturally rich communities.