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Enhancing learning through technology

Library & Technology

Veer off to the left immediately upon entering the Library and you are in the Technology Lab, a vibrant white space filled with computer stations. Students often use the Technology Lab in a weekly class where they may practice keyboarding, learn to use a variety of digital applications, and discuss digital citizenship. Early on, students write many of their papers using the computer and creating presentations utilizing multi-media tools.

All Pennfield students have access to technology throughout the school building. In addition to our Technology Lab, students in preschool through kindergarten have access to a mobile pod of iPads. Students in grades one through four benefit from a 1:1 iPad program with an iPad cart located in each classroom. In grades five through eight students have personal iMacs that are used daily. All classrooms are equipped with projectors or interactive display boards to enhance teaching. As students make their transition to the digital workspace, they have access to eBooks and digital textbooks. Students stay organized with the help of digital plan books, note taking applications, Pages word processing and Keynote presentations.

Upon graduation, students are well prepared to use technology as well as traditional resourcing skills to do research. They also have a solid, working knowledge of word processing, multimedia presentations and are adept at finding their way around on a computer for educational and class work purposes.