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Building confidence

Second Grade

As seasoned learners now, Second Graders take their reading and writing skills to new levels through daily writing. Using artwork and research notes they gather on campus and the surrounding Land Trust trails, in the classroom, on field trips, from books and at home, students create original pieces that encourage their creativity while honing their newly learned cursive letter writing skills. Writing entries might include a social studies assignment on historical figures who demonstrate the importance of kindness and respect that they have researched in the library or a science study of plant and animal adaptation and habitats they explore on the campus grounds. Confidence builds as their thoughts and images organize into written sentences and meaningful cohesive stories. Students work to build their presentation and listening skills by sharing their stories in the classroom. The daily and individual nature of the writing portfolio allows each student to learn in a way that is meaningful to them. Increasing vocabulary words takes on life through the Language Worm who resides at the front of the classroom. Throughout the year, students take on the challenge of growing the worm around the room by adding on words they would like to learn more about.

Math skills are reinforced and built upon in the Second Grade. Two- and three-dimensional shapes are introduced as a prelude to geometry. Three-Dimensional Shapes Day has students twisting and turning straws and twist ties together to create cubes, pyramids and rectangles of all shapes and sizes. Skills are tested as students attempt to make an icosahedron – a very interesting shape composed of 20 equilateral triangles!

Second Grade is a wonderful year of reinforcing skills and preparing for new learning experiences in a creative and holistic fashion.