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The arts make learning fun

The Arts

From the moment you drive onto the Pennfield campus, you will notice our passion for the arts. We believe that a child’s imagination and creativity are cornerstones to learning and understanding – about themselves and the world around them.

Subjects taught in the classroom flow naturally into the art studio, the band room, chorus and onto the stage. This interdisciplinary approach to teaching and learning provides depth and richness to our curriculum.

Learning about plants in science translates to a flora and fauna study and learning to draw the 30 known plant species found on our campus. Animal studies give inspiration for a linoleum block print book of animal tracks found in the snow. The study of cultures and countries weaves into the music choices for the band and the study of indigenous musical instruments. Grasping Spanish as a foreign language becomes easier when it is introduced in the words of a folk song.

The arts are celebrated and alive everywhere at the Pennfield School – in the Preschool classroom, in the Science lab, in the Spanish classroom, throughout the hallways of the school and in the library. Just take a look around and you’ll see, the arts make learning fun.