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New levels of responsibility

Sixth Grade

This year of notable transition from the Lower School into the Upper School gives sixth graders a distinct sense of self-confidence and provides new levels of responsibility. This is a year of guided decision making and many new choices: What sport might I like to try? What community service project can I make a difference doing? What clubs and activities interest me? With the guidance and support of each student’s advisor, they’ll learn to choose what is best for them, all the while having the chance to try many different things in an accepting and safe environment. As sixth graders, they will begin to fine tune their public speaking and presentation skills by speaking at a morning assembly and through a weekly multimedia class that gives them the tools to create presentations using up-to-date technology resources.

Our programs are academically rigorous; there is no question about it. We have to push our kids to do well, but we push them in a loving way and in a way that motivates them as individuals. It can be done!

Spanish begins to take on more structure as spoken words become written words with attention to grammar, punctuation and sentence composition. Conversational Spanish is highly encouraged and fostered in class and through schoolwide celebrations of Spanish festivities and holidays. English and Literature come alive with reading and writing in many new and different styles, including poetry, drama, short stories, autobiography and biography. Social Studies concentrates on ancient history and cultures through the study of art, stories, texts and multimedia projects.

STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) learning is integrated into a unique sailing program. A math lesson in probability and data collection and analysis has students growing Marigold seeds in the science house on campus. In the spring, they’ll count and analyze the yield and plant the seeds in the Bistline Garden. Geometry and Algebra lessons provide the basis for a fun project developing scaled drawings and models. The use of iPad applications in the classroom give teachers and students the opportunity to work together to solve math problems and to call up resources at the click of a finger. Astronomy and Earth Science provide opportunities for exploration all around the campus and on nature trails nearby. Observing the wonders of the night sky throughout the school year is a favorite pastime for our sixth graders.

This milestone year is filled with growth and newfound knowledge.