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A treasured relationship

Buddy Program

When great ideas are planted at Pennfield they tend to sprout and grow – and thus is the case with the Buddy Program. It all began when a pre-kindergarten and a third-grade teacher paired their students up as Buddies. The older buddy was to help read or talk to the younger buddy about a chosen subject or book and, in turn, build the older and younger buddy’s self-esteem, communication and empathy skills. As it turned out, both older and younger buddies greatly benefitted from the program and other teachers began to give it a try. Now the Buddy Program is a permanent fixture at Pennfield; once a month, Buddies have the opportunity to get together. The planned activities together are varied and include deepening our understanding of International Peace Day, dining at the Thanksgiving Feast, creating art projects, and many fun and educational activities throughout the year. It’s not uncommon to see Buddies finding each other during a school day to say, “Hi,” or sitting together at Morning Assembly. The Buddy Program has become a treasured and true community builder for our school.