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Investing in What Matters

Pennfield Fund

The Pennfield Fund is our annual campaign to raise funds in support of our operating budget. Independent schools, like Pennfield, do not receive federal funds to cover the cost of educating a child, and tuition alone does not cover that expense. Independent schools all face the same challenge – closing the gap between tuition and expenses. This year Pennfield’s net tuition is expected to cover 79% of the costs to run the school. The Pennfield Fund, along with other sources of revenue like summer camp, makes up the difference. Money raised goes towards everything from purchasing supplies for makerspace, new curriculum materials, playground upgrades, performers for Arts Week, financial assistance, and so much more; all that enriches the quality of education for every students. Most importantly, it helps fund salaries and professional development opportunities for our most valuable asset, the wonderfully talented, dedicated faculty.

We count on the generosity of our families to collectively meet our financial goal. Gifts of all sizes are significant and show your support for The Pennfield School.

Examples of how far money can stretch:

  • $25 – 10 solar powered calculators
  • $50 – 8 garden racks
  • $100 – 100 piece makerspace kit
  • $500 – 1 performer for Arts Week

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting The Pennfield School.

Pennfield Fund Leadership Giving Categories

  • Head of School Circle $750 – $ 2,999
  • Academic Patron $3,000 – $ 5,999
  • Benefactors $ 6,000 – $ 9,999
  • 1971 Society $10,000 – $19,999
  • The Cranston Society $20,000 +

There are many ways to give to The Pennfield Fund.