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Meredith Botelho

  • Appointed in 2015
  • B.A. University of Rhode Island
  • M.A.T. University of Rhode Island
  • 401.849.4646 x134

Meredith joined The Pennfield School in 2015, becoming our fourth-grade teacher. Prior to her tenure here, she held the position of Education Director at the Newport Boys and Girls Club. Meredith has a passion for nurturing students to reach their fullest potential while addressing their social-emotional needs. She strives to challenge her students academically through engaging hands-on learning experiences, and she constantly seeks for ways to seamlessly integrate technology to enhance her lessons, particularly through the use of Google Classroom.

In 2022, Meredith accepted an additional role as the coordinator of our Buddy Program. In this capacity, she collaborates with fellow faculty and staff to craft engaging monthly experiences for students across all grades to enjoy together. Meredith is also the very proud mother of two children who attend Pennfield.

Outside the classroom, Meredith enjoys spending quality time with her family and loves relaxing on the beach.