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Performing Arts

Public speaking and presentation skills are second nature to Pennfield students. Even our youngest students feel quite at home raising their hand to speak in our all-school Morning Assembly. Throughout the Lower School and Upper School curriculum, presentation of ideas, projects and full-scale productions are integrated into assignments in all subjects. Needless to say, when it comes to Performing Arts at Pennfield, our talent pool runs deep! In the early months of each year, anticipation on campus grows prior to the naming of the Spring Play. It’s for students in Fourth through Eighth grade. There are always parts for singing, dancing and speaking, as well as for technical and creative support. Taking part in the Spring Play is optional, but you would hardly know that by the number of students who pour their hearts into rehearsals, stage sets, technical wizardry and costumes. The first showing is for the entire school and is always a command performance. The second performance is for the greater community and has yet to not sell out. Lower School students in First, Second and Third Grades produce an original play each winter. These classes work closely together to choose a theme, and with their teachers, write the script. Songs and dance are incorporated into Music Class. This full-scale production is presented to the entire school prior to March vacation and is always heartwarming to watch. Fourth and Fifth Grade students also participate yearly in their own schoolwide presentations. The teachers choose a topic based on history, and in their Social Studies, Art, Music and Language Arts classes students research and study a multitude of facets pertaining to the theme. Students work hard to develop authentic characters and creative costumes for their presentations. Each year the entire school enjoys the presentations while learning a bit of history in the process