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Preparing for the upper school

Fifth Grade

Don’t be alarmed if you see Fifth Grade students rolling dice in the classroom. Add to that playing Multiplication Baseball, M&Ms Charting and Graphing, and Fairy Tale Fractions, and you’ve learned a few of the games used to master fractions, percentages and decimals, not to mention making them fun and memorable.

In language arts, writing is fine-tuned – again exploring narrative, descriptive, expository and persuasive styles. Each student keeps a Writer’s Workshop binder of their work for the year and can compare their personal progress from their writing in the Fourth Grade.

As a combined language arts and social studies project, each winter students in the Fourth and Fifth grades work both together and individually to create a presentation for the entire school community.

By the Fifth Grade, Spanish is taking on more structure and, in addition to songs and games, vocabulary words are introduced and learned.

In math, they’re introduced to pre-algebra and geometry concepts that will ensure their success moving ahead.

By the end of the school year, the Fifth Graders are ready, prepared and very excited to progress to the second floor of the building, the Upper School!