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International Admissions

The Pennfield School welcomes international students from all over the world. Most recently our international students have come from the United Kingdom, China, Azerbaijan, India, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Norway. While many students come to Rhode Island so that a parent can study at the Naval War College, interested sixth-eighth graders have the opportunity to apply to stay with a host family. Host families have children attending Pennfield’s Upper School and provide international students with an even richer American experience, allowing the child to be fully immersed in the local language and culture at all times.

The Pennfield community takes pride in ensuring that our international students integrate into their classes easily and seamlessly. Each child receives constant support from their advisors, the Head of School, each of their teachers, their tutor (if needed), and, when applicable, their host family. Students leave Pennfield having a positive American school experience and will be well prepared to attend top secondary schools, should they attend Pennfield through graduation at the end of the eighth grade year. Pennfield’s international students enrich the lives of the other Pennfield students as they share themselves and their own culture with their classmates. We feel that we are truly lucky to have international students attend The Pennfield School.

Please contact Kristin Emory, Director of Admission, with any questions. All application materials can be found here.

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