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The Green Team – Students Supporting Sustainability

By October 19, 2022News

The Green Team, led by Sustainability Educator Sam Schreiber, is our newest extra-curricular offering at Pennfield. Students meet weekly to explore different issues we as a society face and come up with great solutions to address them. Our younger students in grades 1-4 often find themselves on nature based walks around campus, learning about ideas and strategies to help our environment. They also participate in a recycling based activity each month.

Older students in grades 5-8 spend time delving into issues facing our State and Country, discussing electric vehicles, global warming, threatened species, and other environmental issues. The club is both a place for discussion and an action committee where students can develop projects that have a positive impact on the environment.

Most recently Green-Teamers have been working to develop a sustainable composting program. They’ve created a solid wooden frame for the project, collected materials, and are gathering left over fruits and vegetables during lunch time to add to the compost pile. They will soon be providing a compost bin in the lunchroom.

Many classrooms in the lower school are starting their colonial units in social studies, so Green Team took initiative and learned a colonial technique of wooden fence weaving! Students gathered sticks and began production on the protective, colonial style wooden fence that will surround our compost pile. Stay tuned for many more projects in the coming months around our school grounds!