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Pennfield is incredibly excited to have four winning entries in the 2018 Aquidneck Land Trust Art and Writing Contest sponsored by Sixteen on Center.

Young artists and writers in grades K-12 were challenged to write 250 words describing their favorite scenic vista on Aquidneck Island, or to create a piece of artwork depicting their favorite vista. The contest was open to all schools on Aquidneck Island. Each component (writing and art) had 3 judging categories: K-4th, 5-8th and 9-12th.

This year’s top prize (pictured right) in art in the 5th-8th grade category went to Emilie Martin, an 8th grade student at Pennfield.

Lauren Flowers, a 7th grader at Pennfield, was awarded the top prize in the 5th-8th grade writing category for her poem, Cliff Walk. This is Lauren’s second consecutive win in the contest.

Pennfield students also received 2nd and 3rd prize in the writing category for the same age group. Kelly Siegal received 2nd place for her poem, A Winter’s Night on Aquidneck; Kate Martin’s poem about Sachuest Point earned 3rd prize.

We are so proud of the amazing work of these four students.

Cliff Walk
by Lauren Flowers

Wandering off the beaten path
seeking privacy from others walking
along the ocean’s edge.

A slot in the rocks made just for me to sit undisturbed.
Knees tucked to my chest keeping warm
despite the cold breeze.
People’s voices blown away
by the wind whispering in my ear,
exposing secrets,
and blowing strands of hair off my shoulders.

Intertwining shades of blue, speckled with white drops of foam
paint the oceans waves.

Beach stones smooth from rolling onto the rocky shore
tumbling back to the ocean with a clatter
as waves reach to grab them
and pull them back.

Tucked into the creviced rocks,
sand blows wistfully against the walls,
smooth from tides washing over them
leaving a damp arch of shade.

The smells of salt and seaweed loom in the air
as Autumn rolls in with the ocean. And with the fading sky
comes a sunset where the clouds turn the color of coral,
and the sky fades from baby blue to lilac.

The sun dulls to a deep orange, contrasting against the navy sea
Casting a brilliant reflection lighting up the water’s surface.

A gust of wind pushes the sun down and
it becomes just a small disk before being sent off the edge of the Earth.