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Pennfield Students Receive Top Honors in Art & Writing Contest

By February 3, 2022News

Pennfield is thrilled to have multiple winning entries in the 2021 Aquidneck Land Trust Art and Writing Contest sponsored by Sixteen on Center.

Young artists and writers were challenged to to draw or write about their favorite Aquidneck Island vista. The contest, promoting the value of a healthy environment, was open to local students in grades K-12. Each component (writing and art) had 3 judging categories: K-4th, 5-8th and 9-12th.

This year’s first and second place prize in writing in the 5th-8th grade category went to 8th grade students, Daisy Bistline and Adam Conheeny.

Hannah Lee, an 8th grade artist at Pennfield, was awarded first place among the 5th-8th grade art entries. Willow Foregger was honored with third place, and Brody Cimaglia received an Honorable Mention.

Winners will be acknowledged at the ALT Annual Meeting on February 3, 2022. Additionally, The Pennfield School will receive two $500 grants to support our environmental science curriculum.

We are so proud of the amazing work of these students.

Taggart’s Ferry
by Daisy Bistline

After leaving my bike in the parking lot and climbing around the boulders and bushes
I find my spot on the point of the most tall and steep rock formation
I lean my head against a loose rock and and scan the ocean

Looking to my right, I see 3rd Beach, families scattered around
Looking throughout the ocean, see where some of my most treasured memories took place

And looking to my left, I see the place we spread my father’s ashes
Where we sent him off with a white rose, a poem, and many tears

Looking into the sky above Taggart’s Ferry,
I feel overwhelming amounts of peace
And complete calm

Beautiful Aquidneck Island View
by Adam Conheeny

A beautiful view from the bridge,
the water glowing from the light of the sunset,
my eyes glowing from the bright orange light,

Big houses on the shore,
the beautiful sound of waves crashing on the rocks,
and the pretty sight of fish leaping in the air, 

Daydreaming about all my amazing memories,
my friends laughter echoing in the back,
all their smiling faces in the back of my mind,

The sun sets and the moonlight is reflecting off the water,
the stars glowing in the amazing night sky,
and I leave the bridge with one last warm goodbye.