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Kindness Rocks!

By March 24, 2020September 4th, 2020News

The focus in Pre-K last week was on sharing our kindness with others. The art project for the week was to create Kindness Rocks. The children began the activity by watching this attached link about the Kindness Rocks Project.

Next, their assignment was to use whatever techniques they liked from the video, with materials they had in their home. Sharpies work well, acrylic paints, heating the rocks in the oven and then coloring them with crayon, while still warm, also works well. Then they were to enlist the help of mom or dad to write a kind and inspiring message on their rock.  Their rocks were to be special and unique, just like them! They were asked to create rocks that inspired them,  and that they would love finding randomly when walking in the community. Most children made at least one rock, while others made many more. Soon they will be heading out, placing their rocks in our community, to help brighten a person’s day.
We want to invite all Pennfield students and teachers to join us in this Kindness Rocks Project.