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Guatemala Service Adventure

By May 2, 2023May 3rd, 2023News

Twenty-three of our upper school students (grades 6-8) had an unforgettable adventure over Spring Break – traveling to Guatemala to experience the culture and participate in a service project. As one student reflected, “This trip taught students and teachers a new way to view the world, uncovered personal independence, and was overall an amazing experience.”

Students began the adventure spending time in the city of Antigua, learning to make their own chocolate and climbing the 8,000 foot Pacaya Volcano! The group then traveled to the small community of San Juan La Laguna on the banks of Lake Atitlán to begin a service project painting the interior of a local elementary school. While in the town, students spent four nights in local homes, interacting with families, speaking primarily in Spanish, and experiencing their daily life. Students and chaperones agree with Spanish Teacher and coordinator, Peter Dorrien Traisci, “The students and group leaders will forever be changed by the kindness we experienced throughout our journey.”

The group ended their trip with a relaxing hotel day spent at the pool and an intense zip-lining experience high above the forest floor. Students were led by three faculty chaperones and a full-time group leader from Walking Tree Travel.