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Diversity in Art: Focus on Women Photographers

By January 27, 2022News
Since our students are not able to travel to local art museums, the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Justice is bringing the museum to them. The display that rotates every couple of months includes works curated by local artists, often including Pennfield alumni or alumni parents. If there are any parent artists who would like to share their work for this rotating exhibit, please contact Mattie Edwards-Kemp at
For those who cannot make it to see this art in person, we will be highlighting the individual artists in our parent newsletter and on social media each week with a short bio and a closer look at the display.
The current exhibit features images taken by two talented photographers, Julie Brigidi and Jen Lial. Julie and her husband are proud parents of Pennfield alumnus, Stefano ’99. They are both tireless advocates for social justice and change. The exhibit she has shared with us is entitled “Haitian Resilience.” Similarly, Jen Lial’s work has a strong focus on issues facing Feminism and Social Justice; she looks to empower her subjects with every click of her camera.
About the Artist: Julie Brigidi

On his way out the door to photograph a wedding 30 years ago, my husband Stephan stopped on the porch, turned around and said, “Why don’t you come and photograph candids of the guests? I’ll meet you there.” I found a babysitter and thus started our wonderful, crazy life as commercial photographers. Even then we loved the creative capture of otherwise unseen moments.

My name is Julie. I share my studio, life and energy with my sweetheart husband, our dog Shirley, and cat Bellina. When I leave my indoor creative space, it is usually to visit my old horse Curley and some chickens. My life is an exploration of nature and joy through movement and art. Obsessed with making photographic artifacts, I follow my creative heart wherever it leads: found art, sweet families, a graduation, a concert, a pony. My photography is an exploration of light and the beauty in each of my selected subjects.

Each today is new and full of joyful possibilities. Oggi (“today” in Italian) is just that!

Visit Julie’s website, Oggi Photography, to read her full bio and discover more of her amazing photographs.

About the Artist: Jen Lial

Originally from Upstate, NY Jen trained in film while at  Penn Yan Academy earning a triple major in Art, English, and History. She furthered her studies at Syracuse University with a BA in both Art History and English Literature. She achieved an MA in Museum Education from The Rhode Island School of Design.  She has made her home in Rhode Island for the last 20 years where she and her husband are raising their 3 daughters.

Her work can be defined as documentary with a bend toward fine art. She approaches her subjects unobtrusively, looking to produce images that contain a modern twist and classic appeal.  Her images are truthful and kind and her focus is on the relationships that unfold before her lens.

Learn more about the artist and her artwork at Jen Lial Photography.