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The Winner Is…Students Compete in GeoBee

By January 9, 2019January 11th, 2019News

Bee season began as soon as the winter break ended. Students in grades 4-8 competed in classroom competitions to see which finalists would compete in the school-level competition of National Geographic GeoBee.

On Wednesday, January 9, 10 finalists faced off in the first round of competition: Abbott Newton, Bodhi Gerlach, Maci Krzych, Georgia Johnson, Julius Epke, Ashton Kellogg, Christopher Paradis, Isabella Museler, Fletcher Reilly, and Ramsey Huggins. History teacher, Mrs. Faria, asked questions that covered not only geography, but also cultures, physical features, history, and even a bit of earth science.

After several rounds, 7th grade student, Christopher Paradis was named champion. He will take an online qualifying exam in a few weeks and hopefully represent Pennfield in the State GeoBee in April.