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Celebrating Panther Sports

By June 6, 2019News

Congratulations to the winners of the 2019 Lynne Eagles Coaches’ Award, Ramsey Huggins and Abbie Monkevicz. They, along with all of our students in grades 4 through 8 who participated in Cross Country, Soccer, Basketball and/or Lacrosse were honored at our end of the year awards ceremony. After school sports help students develop skills both on and off the field: teamwork, dedication, commitment, and leadership. Mr. MacMannis and the entire coaching staff are so proud of each and every student.

2018-2019 Award Recipients

Lynne Eagles Coaches’ Award – Ramsey Huggins and Abbie Monkevicz


Coed Soccer – Braden Bonoff, Will Buzard, Stevie Ramponi – MVP; Zach Santos – Most Improved; Summer Magriby – Spirit

Boys’ A Soccer – Calvin Lucenti – MVP; Aidan Toner – Most Improved; Thatcher Foregger – Spirit

Girls’ A Soccer – Lauren Flowers – MVP; Natalie Johnson – Most Improved; Millie Gerlach – Spirit

Cross Country – Avin Ramratnam – MVP; Issy Swain – Most Improved; Willow Foregger – Spirit


Boys’ A Basketball – Calvin Lucenti – MVP; Beckett Lyons – Most Improved; Fletcher Reilly – Spirit

Boy’s B Basketball – Max Braun – MVP; James Bistline – Most Improved; Cole Cellar – Spirit

Girls’ A Basketball – Abbie Monkevicz – MVP; Brittan McGinn – Most Improved; Sammy Titus – Spirit

Girls’ B Basketball – Charlotte Colby – MVP; Mia Barker – Most Improved; Lila Bragan – Spirit


Boys’ Lacrosse – Ramsey Huggins – MVP; Ben Connett, Zach Santos, Christos Stefanapoulos – Most Improved; Noah Chamberlain – Spirit

Girls’ Lacrosse – Lauren Flowers – MVP; Brittan McGinn – Most Improved; Abbie Monkevicz – Spirit