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Art & Writing Accolades for Pennfield Students

By February 22, 2023News

Pennfield is thrilled that several students submitted winning entries in the 2022 Aquidneck Land Trust Art and Writing Contest sponsored by Sixteen on Center.

Young artists and writers were challenged to to draw or write about their favorite Aquidneck Island vista. The contest, promoting the value of a healthy environment, was open to local students in grades K-12. Each component (writing and art) had 3 judging categories: K-4th, 5-8th and 9-12th.

In in the 5th-8th grade writing category, Adelaide Rowe was awarded the second place prize, and Tucker Johnson received an honorable mention.

Our young artists produced some beautiful artwork in the K-4th grade category with Theo Dorien Traisci receiving the second place award and Annlee Kneib receiving an Honorable Mention. In the 5th-8th grade category Ari Pimental received second place and Adelaide Rowe was awarded the third place prize.

Winners were acknowledged at the ALT Annual Meeting on February 9, 2023.

We are so proud of the amazing work of these students.

Left of Chair One
by Adelaide Rowe

One of my favorite places on Aquidneck Island is Second Beach, specifically to the left of Chair One.  Almost every summer I’ve had some of my closest friends with me on that beach.  I’ve been to this spot so many times I know exactly where the best waves are for playing, what the beach smells like, and how the salty breeze feels coming through your hair.  Sitting on my broken and dirty beach chair reading my book listening only to the waves crashing against the warm, soft sand.  That’s not all I hear. I hear squeals and shrieks coming from the shoreline of little kids playing together.  That is what this place sounds like to me.

When I’m there one of my favorite feelings is when my bare feet touch the warm, grainy sand.  This feeling brings back memories of summers before and brings all the joy along with it.  Just from touching the sand. Also, when I get out of the water after swimming for hours the salty breeze and warm sun dry me off almost instantly.  The salt on my skin and the wind flying through my hair make me feel as if summer will last forever.  That is what this place feels like to me.

One of my favorite parts of the beach is getting Del’s Lemonade.  Del’s sweet, sugary aroma mixed with the salty wind is lovely.  When I was younger, I used to eat my watermelon dipped in sand.  So, now whenever we bring watermelon my family and I make a few jokes before we eat the delicious, juicy watermelon.  Watermelon is a staple in what we bring to the beach because it always gets a little salty from our dirty, sandy hands, but the sweetness always overpowers.  That is what this place tastes like to me.  

The Cliff Walk
by Tucker Johnson

Tomorrow adventure awaits at the Cliff Walk.
Heat comes shining through my window
Excitement hits my body and I leap up with joy

Come on family we must go quickly
Let’s go to the cliff walk and have some fun
In the end of our drive, we drive right past while being so excited
For once in my life, I get to go to cliff walk and I burst with joy
For once my life feels complete

Wake up and realize it was all a dream
And then I go down stairs and what meats my eyes a shine with my mom saying
Let’s go to the Cliff Walk.
Killer view of the ocean meets my eyes and I leap with joy almost falling I steady myself and I just enjoy the view