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An International Connection

By January 1, 2020March 23rd, 2020News

In November 2019 Molly Cordeiro and Lauren Shah, third grade teachers from Warwick Academy in Bermuda, spent a week in and around Pennfield, but mostly immersed in Danielle Frawley’s third grade classroom. Over our March Break, Danielle will reciprocate with a visit to Warwick. Dave Horan, Head of Warwick Academy, and Rob Kelley are beyond excited about the opportunities that await our faculty and students. 

Visiting other schools is an incredible professional development experience. Most independent schools have a strong commitment to academic excellence and foster meaningful relationships between students and faculty. Yet, schools often have both nuanced and material differences, particularly  around mission and philosophy, pedagogy, school traditions, curriculum, and assessment. For educators, experiencing and ultimately understanding these differences is fascinating and often enlightening.

Warwick Academy and Pennfield School are located on islands. Aquidneck Island is about twice the size of Bermuda, yet both populations are around 60,000. Maritime industries, tourism, and a keen awareness and appreciation our natural resources are common bonds. Warwick was founded in 1662 and is commonly said to be the oldest school in continuous operation in the Western Hemisphere, whereas Pennfield is gearing up for its 50th birthday. Warwick enrolls students from preschool through high school graduation and has over 800 students; Pennfield’s enrollment is shy of 200. That said, both schools are committed to sustainability, the arts, and academic preparedness. Warwick is a friendly and welcoming community. As this exchange matures and bonds are forged between our schools, Mr. Horan and Mr. Kelley are excited about connecting our students in meaningful ways.