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A Parent’s Perspective: How Pennfield Welcomed Our Military Family

By March 9, 2022May 28th, 2022News

Like many military families, our family had a frequently executed battle drill upon receipt of orders taking us to our next adventure.  Finding a school that would be a good fit for all our children was always a significant and at times stressful part of that drill.  Unfortunately, I cannot say we always got it right because it isn’t always easy to get a sense of a school’s culture, the quality of the faculty, or the willingness of students to embrace military children from a website or even a visit to a school.   In The Pennfield School, we found a culture, faculty, and student body that not only understood many of the challenges military families face, but also welcomed our children and encouraged them to reach their potential.

Pennfield lives up to its motto of Joy, Understanding, and Respect.  Students and staff share a joy for life, a love of learning, and a desire to live in a positive and constructive environment.  Pennfield truly cherishes each student’s individuality and celebrates diversity.  The motto permeates all that Pennfield does- from the school-wide morning assemblies into the classrooms and onto the playing fields.  

Having returned to Pennfield after an assignment in Washington, D.C., our children have been exposed to nearly all the Lower and Upper School staff.  We are so impressed with the quality and dedication of the faculty.  Changing schools and curriculums can be difficult for military children.  Pennfield provided our children with a solid academic foundation that served them well as they transitioned to their schools in D.C. and to secondary school.

We have found the Pennfield community and students particularly welcoming to military families from the United States and other nations.  Students are eager to invite new students into their circles of friends and learn from their experiences.

Pennfield School recognizes the financial challenges of an independent education, particularly for military families, and worked with us to make the school an affordable option. 

We feel very fortunate to have found The Pennfield School and very grateful for all Pennfield has given to our family.