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Students Won’t Miss a Beat

By September 10, 2020News

Due to COVID-19, instead of the traditional band and chorus, our talented music teachers have taken a different approach to music instruction this year.

In primary and lower school music classes students will be focusing on topics such as music theory, history, basic fundamentals, rhythm, movement, percussion and appreciation. Each student has received their own music kit with a variety instruments and materials specific to their grade: beat buddies, scarves, ribbon dancers, rhythm sticks, maracas, egg shakers, cups, and drum sticks to be used in music class.

Instead of singing, each class will use their music kits in a variety of ways as they learn new songs: creating cup songs, choreographing with scarves, discovering beats and patterns using rhythm sticks. Fifth graders have drum sticks included in their kits and are learning about how to properly use them to create a variety of sounds and rhythms. They are looking forward to a bucket drumming unit as part of their curriculum.

We can’t wait to see their performances!