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Students Honored in Art & Writing Contest

By February 1, 2021News

Pennfield is incredibly excited to have three winning entries in the 2020 Aquidneck Land Trust Art and Writing Contest sponsored by Sixteen on Center.

Young artists and writers were challenged to to draw or write about their favorite Aquidneck Island vista. The contest, promoting the value of a healthy environment, was open to local students in grades K-12. Each component (writing and art) had 3 judging categories: K-4th, 5-8th and 9-12th.

This year’s first and second place prize in art in the 5th-8th grade category went to 8th grade artists, Aggie Howell and Margaret Humphries.

Charlotte Colby, an 8th grader at Pennfield, was awarded the 2nd place prize in the 5th-8th grade writing category for her poem, An Aquidneck Island Walk.

Winners will be acknowledged at the ALT Annual Meeting on February 4, 2021. Additionally, The Pennfield School will receive a $500 grant to support our environmental science curriculum.

We are so proud of the amazing work of these three students.

An Aquidneck Island Walk
by Charlotte Colby

The leaves flutter down,
as the grass disappears beneath.
Now you can see the afternoon sun,
through the trees,
reflecting off the water.
The ocean breeze air is not yet too cold,
but cold enough to need a jacket.
The day is almost over,
just a little more sunlight left,
until it’s time to start another one.
Cars drive by,
pushing leaves to dance in the wind.
I continue to walk,
my fingertips frozen,
my cheeks red,
my legs moving forward in a steady rhythm.
The clouds in the sky are faint and wispy,
as I tilt my head upward.
I can smell the sea crashing up against the rocks,
slowly getting windier as the sun goes down.
I turn back,
ready to begin my journey home.