Sharing Natural Reminders of Joy, Understanding & Respect

By February 9, 2021February 23rd, 2021News

5th grade students recently began a sustainability research project to share with others who walk along the ALT Greenway Trail.

Part One: Thoughtful Observation

Pennfield’s Sustainability Educator, Mrs. Hallowell, and guest teacher, Patricia Bailey, encouraged students to observe and experience their surroundings by engaging their senses, their thoughts, and their imaginations during a silent walk along the ALT Trail.  During the walk, students were challenged to reflect on the school’s mission, observing the JOY around them and gaining a deeper UNDERSTANDING of nature, realizing that RESPECT for  all living things is imperative. They were each given small field journals to make notes and observations.

Part Two: Researching and Creating

Students were assigned the name of an environmentalist to research. Each student wrote a five paragraph letter of appreciation to the person they were assigned and chose one short quote from that person. Students added their essays and quotes into their field journals and shared their discoveries with their classmates in an oral presentation.
Part Three: Sharing with All
The selected quotes will be burned onto wooden tree rounds, generously supplied by the Newport Tree Warden. The completed rounds will be placed along the Pennfield section of the ALT Greenway Trail for all to enjoy and feel inspired by.