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A Mindful Way to Start the Day

By September 4, 2019September 9th, 2019News

There’s a new job in PreK – the Mindful Panther. Each day a student chooses a mindful breathing practice or activity to lead the class in to get us ready to start our day. The students all have their favorite exercises, and the first Mindful Panther  chose the Hoberman Sphere or breathing ball – inhale when the ball gets big – exhale when the ball gets small. The children even learned how to use their fingers as a breathing ball.

Not just for mornings – mindful exercises help us transition from a high energy activity to an activity where we need to focus (like story time). After music this week, we used 5 Finger breathing to get ourselves ready to listen to a story.
Below you will find a video from the app STOP, BREATHE, THINK:
This is an app we use a lot during our day. The children LOVE IT! Check it out for some great ideas!