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Felicitaciones to the Newest Members

By April 26, 2019News

Friday, April 26, 2019 – The Pennfield Chapter of SOCIEDAD HISPÁNICA DE AMISTAD (Spanish Honor Society) welcomed six new members.

Students were chosen because of their exceptional Spanish language skills and interest in exploring and promoting the cultures of the world’s Spanish-speaking countries. The Sociedad Hispánica de Amistad, is sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese (AATSP) and was formally organized in the year 2000. The purpose of the society is to promote cross-cultural acceptances and understanding in students of Spanish and to encourage service to school and community.

Veteran 8th grade members conducted the ceremony and led the inductees in reciting the pledge of the Society.

Como Miembro de Honor del capítulo Alumnos Ilustres,
(As an Honor Member of the Alumnos Ilustres chapter,)
prometo usar la lengua española para mejorar la amistad
(I promise to use the Spanish language to improve friendship)
entre personas de otros paises y del nuestro.
(among people of other countries and our own.)

Además prometo ayudar a la comunidad y a mi escuela.
(I also promise to help my community and my school.)

Esta es mi promesa.
(This is my pledge.)