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A Celebration of the Arts

By May 6, 2018News

Every May, students and faculty look forward to Arts Week. The celebration includes performances by a variety of artists: dancers, magicians, mimes, puppeteers, and musicians. On Friday, in addition to artist performances, students participate in a series of workshops throughout the day. Students choose classes and experience a wide range of art, visual arts like sculpting and woodburning to performing arts like improvisation and dance.

This year’s Arts Week was exceptional. Performances included a yo-yo expert by the name of “Ooch”, The Soulkeepers (with our own Ms. Kat & Mr. Lee), Tanglewood Marionettes, Leland Faulkner, Urbinity Dance, and more. The workshops at the end of the week had students sewing, painting, singing, dancing, and creating just about everything imaginable. Thank you to Mrs. Kremer for organizing another fantastic week, and thank you to the performers, faculty, and volunteer artists who make this week a favorite at Pennfield.