Celebrating Panther Sports

Congratulations to the winners of the 2017 Lynne Eagles Coaches Cup, Maximus Gray and Julia Sisk. They along with all of our students in grades 4 through 8 who participated in Cross Country, Soccer, Basketball and Lacrosse were honored at our end of the year banquet. After school sports help students develop skills both on and off the field - teamwork, dedication, commitment and leadership. Mr. MacMannis and the entire coaching staff are so proud of each and every student.

2016-2017 Award Recipients

Lynne Eagles Coaches Cup – Maximus Gray & Julia Sisk

Boys’ Soccer –
Zachary Karousos, Spirit; Jake Carlson, Achievement; Louis Zhang, Most Improved
Co-ed Soccer –
Millie Gerlach, Spirit; Ramsey Huggins, Achievement; Aidan Beck, Most Improved
Cross Country –
Mia Phelps & Barnes Poole, Spirit; Zoe Mermin, Achievement; Isabella Museler, Most Improved
Girls’ Soccer –
Brady Lyons & Vivian Morse, Spirit; Ellie Richard, Achievement; Mia Braun, Most Improved


Boys’ A Basketball – Maximus Gray, Spirit; Brady Cranson, Achievement; Will Gerlach, Most Improved
Boys’ B Basketball –
Kaan Tural, Spirit; Ramsey Huggins, Achievement; Fletcher Reilly, Most Improved
Girls’ A Basketball –
Ella Stookey, Spirit; Julia Sisk, Achievement; Meghan Farnhum, Most Improved
Girls’ B Basketball –
Lily Clair & Natalie Johnson, Spirit; Lily Clair, Achievement; Zoe Mermin, Most Improved


Boys’ Lacrosse – Will Gerlach, Maximus Gray, Wyatt Huggins & Charlie Mottur, Spirit; James Meko, Achievement; Will Gerlach, Grayson Olinger & Charlie van Beuren, Most Improved
Girls’ Lacrosse –
Lauren Flowers, Spirit; Ella Stookey, Achievement; Kelsey Boulay, Most Improved

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