Young Writer Receives Accolades

Pennfield is proud to have a winning entry in the 2017 Aquidneck Land Trust Art and Writing Contest sponsored by Sixteen on Center.

English students in sixth through eighth grade were challenged to write 250 words describing their favorite scenic vista on Aquidneck Island. The contest was open to all schools on Aquidneck Island grades K-12. There were 2 components: art and writing, and each had 3 judging categories: K-4th, 5-8th and 9-12th. 

Sixth grade student, Lauren Flowers, was awarded the prize in the 5th-8th grade writing category for her poem about Gooseberry Beach in Newport.


Gone to Gooseberry

The wind blows thoughtlessly on the water

Small waves roll on to the beach
leaving squiggly lines in the wet sand
where they recede

The lonely lifeguard chair
awaits the next day of sunshine
and laughter of children

Scrambling up the smooth rocks
tucked below the crest
seeking shelter from the breeze
A quiet place to sit and unwind
all but the whispering wind

On a cool night
gazing at the dock
floating lonely in the navy water
I wonder what lurks beneath

The sun, a deep orange and yellow spectacle
lies low in the sky

Forgotten buckets, cast aside on the sand
wishing they were home

Barnacles and periwinkles press the rocks
along side the moss-like chartreuse seaweed

The sky sighing deeply
after a long day
as the sun drops below the horizon

Goodnight, Gooseberry Beach

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