Student Athletes Honored

The Lynn Eagles Coaches Cup goes to…Petey Alofsin and Allison Burke. Congratulations to them and to all of our students in grades 4 through 8 who participated in Cross Country, Soccer, Basketball and Lacrosse. After school sports help students develop skills both on and off the field - teamwork, dedication, commitment and leadership. Mr. MacMannis and the entire coaching staff are so proud of each and every student.

2015-2016 Award Recipients

Lynne Eagles Coaches Cup – Petey Alofsin & Allison Burke
Unsung Hero Award – Jake Elvin

Boys’ Soccer –
Jake Carlson, Spirit; Liam Rhatigan, Achievement; Patrick Feng, Most Improved
Co-ed Soccer –
Lauren Flowers, Spirit; Beckett Lyons & Grayson Olinger, Achievement; Mia Braun, Most Improved
Cross Country –
Elyse Rideout, Spirit; Cooper Carlson, Achievement; Matthew Siegal, Most Improved
Girls’ Soccer –
Julia Sisk, Spirit; Allison Burke, Achievement; Meghan Farnham, Most Improved


Boys’ A Basketball – Max Gray, Spirit; Liam Rhatigan, Achievement; John Baldwin & Ian Jackson, Most Improved
Boys’ B Basketball –
Declan Rhatigan, Spirit; Zachary Karousos, Achievement; Peter Zhang, Most Improved
Girls’ A Basketball –
Jiawen Yu, Spirit; Natalie Titus, Achievement; Vivian Morse & Brady Lyons, Most Improved
Girls’ B Basketball –
Kelly Siegal, Spirit; Kelsey Boulay, Achievement; Kate Martin, Most Improved


Boys’ Lacrosse – Caleb Haley, James Meko, Wyeth Schapiro & Matthew Siegal, Spirit; Michael Antonellis, Ramsey Huggins & Wyatt Huggins, Achievement; Will Gerlach, Henry Milnes & Charlie van Beuren, Most Improved
Girls’ Lacrosse –
Mia Bartlett, Spirit; Ella Stookey, Achievement; Ellie Richard, Most Improved

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